Cable wrap is a non-expandable sleeving woven from polyester multifilament yarns with velcro tape. It has lightweight, high strength and abrasion resistance. The product can be simply wrapped and closed over the cable bundle.

velcro cable wrap05



Velcro Sleeve — It has good fire resistance, noise reduction, wear resistance, dust resistance, simple and convenient operation, and reusability.

Material: polyester (PET) multifilament free of halogen

Working temperature range: -50°C —- +150°C

Flammability : VW-1

Melting point: +240°C

Cutting tool: cold knife

Color: black, other colors can be customized

Cable wrap datasheet:

Part No. Outer diameter(mm) Spread width(mm) Standard spool(m) Velcro tape width(mm)
APMV25 25 100 25 20
APMV32 32 120 25 20
APMV38 38 140 25 20
APMV50 50 180 25 20
APMV60 60 210 25 20


Cable wrap with velcro is often used in wire harness protection of industrial equipment, ships, high-speed rail, automobile industry or some large hoses, molds, etc. It plays a role in abrasion resistance, fire prevention and aesthetics. Often used in some areas where the wire harness is relatively large. Its size: outer diameter 25 — 60 mm. Large wire harnesses and tubes are easy to put on it.

The design of the Velcro is also convenient to install and disassemble, and can be reused many times, reducing costs. Velcro width: 20mm, paste firmly.

velcro wire cover06


The self closing wrap is made of polyester monofilament and multifilament. It has the characteristics of fire resistance, wear resistance, softness, dustproof, simple and quick operation, and the open structure is beneficial to protect the internal wiring harness from modification, reassembly, maintenance and overhaul.

Self closing wrap datasheet:

Items Inside diameter
Overlap rate Packaging
Roll (m)
A-FZZ005 5 0.6±0.1 30% 100
A-FZZ008 8 0.6±0.1 30% 100
A-FZZ010 10 0.6±0.1 30% 100
A-FZZ013 13 0.6±0.1 30% 100
A-FZZ016 16 0.6±0.1 30% 100
A-FZZ019 19 0.6±0.1 30% 50
A-FZZ025 25 0.6±0.1 30% 50
A-FZZ030 30 0.6±0.1 30% 25
A-FZZ038 38 0.6±0.1 30% 25
A-FZZ050 50 0.6±0.1 30% 25


This self closing cable wrap is commonly used in communications, high-speed rail, automotive, automation equipment, instrumentation wires, cables, flat wire harnesses and hoses, especially for irregularly shaped wire harnesses.

Self closed wrap is generally suitable for some small wire harnesses, such as: terminal wires, ordinary wire and cable, automobiles, electric vehicles, scooters, bicycles, etc. It is very suitable to small size harness and tube.

So when selecting a cable covers. First, consider the size and operation of the wire harness.

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