Expandable braided sleeving made of polyester monofilament yarn. It offers a polyester cable sleeve solution, that provides wires and cables with superior protection in extreme environments. Its main characteristic consists in the unique braided construction, enables to expand and contract the interior diameter for installing variety connectors.



  • – Superior flexibility, unity, It expands to 2 – 3 times the original size.
  • – Excellent chemical resistance.
  • – Self-extinguish.
  • – Customized patterns and sizes.
  • – Easy apply.
  • – Light weight / Thin thickness.
  • – Good appearance.
  • – Closely contacted to bent part.

The polyester yarn has UV light resistant, and not affected by most chemicals and solvents. Meanwhile, it has excellent abrasion and cut-through and moisture resistance.

It’s used to cover cable, wire harnesses tubes, industrial hoses where is required an good mechanical protection, automotive, ship, railways, aerospace, telecom, military etc.

We enumerate several applications of cable sleeves.

1, MOD PC custom cable with sleeving.




Currently the increase in computer personalization needs. Patterned cable sleeves are used in the computer power cords, prefectly meet pc modding and DIY pc. General used size are the flat of width 4mm small sleeve, 10mm medium sleeve etc. There are black, red, orange, white, golden, green, grey, blue, yellow cable sleeves, and so on.

2, Custom audio cable sleeve.

As a music lover, you have a customized sleeved audio cable for musical instrument. There are the flat of widths 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm braided sleeves etc. Of course, audio cable with patterned sleeve is very popular.

expandable wire cover automotive



3, Braided sleeve in Automotive.

Expandable sleeve is ideal for automotive. So designed to provide easy wire insertion while fitting tightly around wire and cable runs. This braided wire loom provides a protective grip protective securing your wire in place, and is available in various sizes.

automotive cable harness

4, Cable cover for ship.


Expandable braided sleeving is an ideal cover for outboard motor cables, marine hoses and wire harness assemblies, but can be used in various other applications as well. All backed by the best personal service in the industry.

5, Braided sleeving in machinery and general purpose electrical use.

Cable sleeving provides tough durable protection to wires, wire bundles and harnesses, power cords, tubes and hoses, and so on. For example, it use in excavator, automation equipment, printer etc.

Braided sleeve stays flexible over a wide range of temperatures, adjusting to twisting and flexing without wrinkles, bends or bulges. Therefore, it has widely used in the industrial field. We will talk about the applications of cable sleeve in other fields next time.

patterned braided sleeving