Project Description

velcro cable sleeve
velcro cable wrap certificate

Cable wrap with velcro tape

Cable wrap is a non-expandable sleeving woven from polyester multifilament yarns with velcro tape. It has lightweight, high strength  and abrasion resistance. The product can be simply wrapped and closed over the cable bundle. 


Material: polyester (PET) multifilament free of halogen

Working temperature range: -50°C —- +150°C

Flammability: VW-1

Melting point: +240°C

Cutting tool: cold knife

Color: black, other colors can be costomized

Cable wrap with velcro tape datasheet:

Part No. Outer diameter(mm) Spread width(mm) Standard spool(m) Velcro tape width(mm)
APMV25 25 100 25 20
APMV32 32 120 25 20
APMV38 38 140 25 20
APMV50 50 180 25 20
APMV60 60 210 25 20


1. OEM/ODM available.

2. Special packages, sizes, and colors can be supplied upon request.

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