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rod sleeves
fishing rod cover patterned certificate

Fishing rod cover can easy push on or off installation

Rod cover can expand 2-3 times the width, and breathable, will not retain water, high abrasion resistance. The rod cover is made of ring weaving and has flexible stretching performance to meet different conditions.

Fishing rod cover / rod sleeve

Used to protect fishing rods, dustproof, fireproof, wear resistant.

Fishing rod sleeve made of polyester, has been designed to eliminate the tangling of your fishing rod while keeping them protected inside and outside your boat. The polyester expandable sleeving is used in electronic, automotive, marine, and industrial for wire harnessing applications. Its braided construction expands gently and securely over rod guides. So it is the solution to protect your rods and fishing line with lures from getting damaged in your truck or rod locker.


Material: polyester (PET) monofil free of halogen

Working temperature range: -50°C —- +150°C

Flammability: VW-1

Melting point: +240°C

Color: black, gray, white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange, nacarat, etc.

Fishing rod sleeves datasheet:

Item Parameters
Size 1 3*180cm
Size 2 3*190cm
Size 3 3*210cm
Size 4 1.25in*5ft
Size 5 1.25in*6ft
Size 6 1.5in*5ft
Size 7 1.5in*6ft
Size 8 1in*5ft
Size 9 1in*5ft
Other size available
OEM/ODM available
fishing rod covers ateeto
fishing rod sleeves for sale
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